The  Rifleman
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The Queue — episode

1.  Mark is in town with a friend, Noah. What did Noah want Mark to do?
Race him on their horses

2.  Mark did not race Noah and what happened next?
Wang Chi and his son were driving down the street in their wagon

3.  What happened with the wagon?
Wang Chi misjudged the hitching post and hit it

4.  Why was this a problem?
Pots and pans on the wagon made noises and scared Noah’s horse dumping him

5.  Was Noah hurt?

6.  Who made a scene then?
Vince Fergus, the boys Father

7.  What kind of trouble was Fergus stirring up now?
He wanted the Chinese run out of town

8.  Lucas and Mark ran into Wang Chi and Wang Lee when they were leaving town. What did Lucas ask him?
Why he was headed in the direction he was going

9.  What did Wang Chi say?
They were leaving town

10. What did Lucas ask him?
To stay and try to make a life in North Fork doing his laundry business

11. Where did Wang Chi put a sign advertising?
In Millie's store

12. What happened when Wang Chi went into the saloon to get a beer?
Fergus was there. He tool Wang Chi’s glass and poured it on the bar and filled it with whisky

13. What happened at the school yard?
Mark had taken Wang Lee to school. After school Noah came and was teasing Wang Lee about his pigtail

14. What happened next?
The boys were fighting

15. What did Noah claim?
That Wang Lee tried to kill him

16. Wang Chi set up camp outside of town and did his laundry business there. What happened when Mark and Lucas went to get their laundry?
Fergus and Foster was there destroying Wang Chi’s camp and ruining the clothes

17. After Lucas stopped them, what did the circuit judge do to Fergus?
Told him to leave the territory instead of a jail sentence

18. What did Wang Lee do in the end to be more American?
He cut off his pigtail (queue)

19. Who played Wang Chi?
Victor Sen Yung ― He was also famous as Hop Sing on Bonanza

20. Who got writing credits for this episode?
One of the writers to this episodes was Beverly Fix. Beverly was Paul's secretary and in 1950 she became his 2nd wife

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