The  Rifleman
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Vaqueros — episode

1.  Why was Lucas and Mark traveling through Mexico?
To pick up a see bull

2.  While traveling through the desert they ran into Mexican, Miguel. What did he want?
He said: “Only to pass the time of day and to collect the taxes for…uh…how do you say? Trespassing!”

3.  Suddenly Lucas and Mark were surrounded by three men. What did they take from Lucas?
Mark, rifle, shirt, hat, boots & his money, all of Lucas' processions

4.  What did Miguel do to Lucas?
Miguel took the butt of Lucas' rifle and swung it at him, hitting him squarely in the throat and strung him up to
a tall limb on a tree and left him there to die

5. When Mark saw what they did to Lucas, he tried to go to him, what did Miguel say he would do to Lucas if he didn't behave?
That if he didn't settle down he would kill Lucas

6.  What did they do with Mark?
They took him with them

7.  Who told Mark that he was going to take care of him?

8.  What did Miguel call Mark?
Leetle one

9.  What did they make Mark do?

10. How did Lucas get to the next small village?
He walked

11. No one wanted to help Lucas, who did help him?

12. What did Mark think happened to Lucas?
He thought Lucas was dead

13. Why did the village people demand Lucas leave?
They thought Lucas brought evil to them

14. What did Lucas ask Maria and her grandfather for?
A gun

15. Why wouldn't they give Lucas a gun?
Miguel took all of their guns two years ago

16. Why couldn't Maria's grandfather talk?
Miguel...the patrõn, told the village they had to pay if they wanted to live in peace. Maria's grandfather said no. So he…cut his tongue out

17. While Miguel and his men were in the cantina, they left Mark to tend the horses. Lucas saw him setting outside the cantina. How did Lucas get Mark's attention?
He threw pebbles at him to get his attention

18. What was their plan to get one of Miguel's men out of the way?
Mark went into the cantina and told Angelo. there was something wrong with his horse

19. When Mark went into the canteen what did he see lying on the table?
Lucas' rifle

20. How did Lucas manage to rush into the cantina and get his rifle to subdue the Mexicans?
Maria distracted the men by dancing and flirting with them

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