The  Rifleman
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First Wages — episode 112

1.  When Lucas woke up Saturday, what was he surprised to see?
That Mark was already up

2.  When Lucas asked Mark what he was doing up so early, what was Mark's reply?
That he was going to leave Lucas a note

3.  When that wasn't the answer Lucas wanted to hear he asked Mark again but this time asking him where he was going, what was Mark's reply?
Mark said he was going to town

4.  What chores was Mark suppose to have done?
Paint the flower boxes ― stack the firewood ― the dishes

5.  “What’s all the rush?” asked Lucas. What was Mark's reply?
“Well, it wouldn’t look good if I was to be late my first day!” Mark answered

6.   What was Mark referring to, being late on his first day?
Mark got a job working for Nils

7.   What did Lucas do next?
He headed into town to see what was going on

8.   Lucas asked Mark why he wanted to get a job?
Mark said he want to get a job and make money

9.  Lucas remind Mark that he gave him an allowance and paid him for extra work, what was Mark's reply?
He wanted to earn his own money

10. When Nils pulled up in front of the livery stable, Lucas went to talk to him. What did Lucas ask Nils?
"Who asked you to hire him?" "What right do you have to pick a boy up off the streets and put him to work?" "What kind of business is that?" "There are plenty of able bodied men in this town who need a job. But they want more pay then a thirteen year old boy, don't they?"

11. What did Nils have to say?
"Anybody works for me gets the same or boy! Besides I didn't haul Mark in off the street! He came to me and asked for a job. He said he needed the money. While you were gone he's been all over town looking for work this week...and just ask anybody on the street!"

12. Lucas asked Nils what Mark need money, what did he tell him?
That if I wanted him to, he would let Mark go

13. What did Lucas say to that?
He told Nils to forget it, he didn't want to be the bad guy

14. What errand did Nils give Mark to do? What did he tell him not to do?
He wanted him to take a horse to Tom Merar’s Ranch and bring back another one for shoeing ― He told Mark not to take the shortcut and that the Border Pass was no place for a boy!

15. Mark runs into a cowboy at Border Pass. He is a wanted man by the name of Ben Vargas. What is he wanted for?
Murder & Robbery

16. What does he take from Mark?
Merar's horse that Mark was riding

17. Lucas went to talk to Micah about Mark wanting to get a job, what did Micah tell him was wrong?
He told Lucas he had growing pains. Mark was growing up, and Lucas was feeling the pain of it.

18. Tom Merar rode into town. Lucas asked Tom if he had seen Mark. Tom hadn’t seen him – he should have passed him on his way in. What road did Mark take?
The Boarder Pass

19. Lucas ran into Ben Vargas while looking for Mark. Ben said he hadn't see Mark. Lucas knew better, what gave it away?
Lucas saw the brand on Ben's horse, it was Tom Merar’s, that was the horse Mark was riding! 

20. Mark wanted to buy Lucas a present for his birthday, that's why Mark was working so hard. What did Lucas say about his present?
"Son, I…I'd say this is the shiniest saddle in the whole world!"

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