The  Rifleman
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Sheer Terror — episode

1.  Who was Lucas and Mark going into town to have dinner with?

2.  What was in the note that John Hamilton gave to Lucas?
$50,000.00 in cash was being delivered via the Yuma stage the next night.

3.  Who was John Hamilton suppose to hold the money for? What was the money for?
John was supposed to hold it in his bank for the army – they were using it to buy some Texas beef from Fort Sumner

4.  What did this have to do with Lucas?
They wanted Lucas to help Micah stand guard

5.  What favor was Milly going to do for Lucas?
She was going to watch Milly while Lucas help guard the money that was coming in on the stage

6.  Milly was worried about Lucas, what did she tell Lucas to do?
To be careful

7. Who was waiting inside the store for Milly and what did they want?
Sloan and Andy ― They were waiting in her store for the Yuma stage to arrive

8. That night someone jiggled the door to Milly's store, who was it and what did they want?
It was Micah making his rounds

9.  Where did Mark find his saddle bags?
In the kitchen behind the wood box

10. Business as usual. Milly got upset with a lady customer about an order, what did she order?

11. Andy told Milly when Lucas & Mark came to the door to get rid of them. But what did Slone say about that?
That if Mark was to stay with Milly, so he shall. If the boy is turned away, it may seem odd

12. What excuse did Milly give Lucas for the doors being locked?
She was doing inventory

13. What did Mark do when Milly told him that the two men planned on robbing the stage?
He yelled no as he ran towards the door

14. What did the two men do with Milly & Mark?
They took Milly and Mark in the back, tied their hands, and gagged them

15. What was the stagecoach drivers name from Yuma?

16. What made Lucas suspicious of the buffalo hunter that just rode into town?
The buffalo man’s horse was dusty but not sweaty. It didn’t look like the horse had ridden very far

17. What did Milly do to draw Lucas's attention to the store?
She threw a canteen through the store window and screamed for Lucas

18. Who killed the buffalo hunter?

19. What did Mark as Milly?
If she was scared

20. What did Milly and Mark do once everything was over?
They ran and hugged Lucas

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