The  Rifleman
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The Stand-In — episode

1.  What kind of wagon stopped at the McCain Ranch?
A prison wagon

2.  What did the guards want?

3.  Potter wanted Taylor to go to North Fork for some booze, why couldn't either one of them go?
The two of them were supposed to stay with the prisoner at all times

4.  They did decide one of them could go, no one needed to know. Which one went into North Fork?

5.  What was the name of the Prisoner?
Rudy Croft

6.  Croft started banging his plate against the bars on the wagon, what did he want?
He wanted something to eat

7.  Taylor came back from North Fork with the whiskey. Where did he tell Potter the Marshal was?
That the Marshal was in bed

8.  Later that night Croft starting yelling again. Taylor got up to see what his problem was. What happened next?
Taylor got to close to the wagon and Croft grabbed him in a choke hold from behind

9.  What happened to Croft when he escaped?
Croft got shot

10. Now the guards had a big problem, Croft got away. How many years in Yuma Prison would they get for returning to Yuma without a prisoner?
Five years

11. Where were they going to get another prisoner?
They decided to go back for Lucas

12. What name did they call Lucas?
Big mouth Sodbuster

13. What excuse did they use for returning to the ranch?
They wanted to apologies and get some supplies, not whiskey

14. How did they overcome Lucas?
Potter came up and hit him from behind

15. Where was Croft all this time?
Hiding in Lucas' barn

16. What did Mark find when he got home from school?
Croft tugging on Mark's shirt

17. What did croft tell Mark?
That his Pa was doing him a favor

18. Potter was getting scare about what they had done. What did Taylor do to him?
Potter shot and killed Taylor

19. How did Lucas mange to get free?
While getting out of the cage he tricked Potter, slapped the horse. The horse started forward. Lucas jumped on and over the horse, tackling Potter. They struggled and Lucas knocked the gun out of his hand.

20. Who did Lucas run into on the trail home?
Mark and Micah

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