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The Journey Back — episode 115

1.  Mark ran into a strange out on the range, what did the stranger want?

2. What scared Mark off?

3.  When Mark told Lucas what had happened, what did Lucas say?

4.  The stranger, Will Temple just bought whose place?

5.  What question did the man ask Mark?

6.  How much did he tall Mark he would pay him?

7.  Mark was thrill to be able to earn this kind of money. What did he want to buy with his money earned?

8. What did Lucas have to say about this?

9. While working clearing out the stumps, who rode up?

10. What did they want?

11. What did Will tell Mark to do?

12. Temple invited Lucas and Mark for supper, what were they having?

13. While Mark & Temple played checkers, what did Lucas do?

14. While getting the checkers out of the closet Mark noticed Temple's Calvary uniform hanging there. What Calvary was he in?

15. The next day the McCain's heard a knock on the door, who was it? Who was he looking for?

16. Why was Lt. Vaughn looking for Will? What was Will's real name?

17. Who else was looking for Temple and why?

18. Mark went to confront Temple, what did Temple tell Mark?

19. What did Lucas find on the road to Temple's place?

20. What did Temple do next?

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