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The Decision — episode 116

1. What did Lucas witness working out on the south fork of his ranch?

2.  What did Lucas do with the body?

3.  Who gunned the cowboy down?

4.  Where did Micah have the body taken?

5.  Mark sitting on the porch studying for what test at school? 

6.  Micah rode out to talk to Lucas, what did he tell him about Corey?

7.  Corey kept yelling at Lucas calling him a liar. What did he tell Lucas?

8.  What did C. Henry Whitmore want to talk to Lucas about?

9.  While Lucas & Mark were gathering wood, two riders approached them. What did Lucas tell Mark to do?

10. They came to threaten Lucas with what?

11. What did Lucas tell Mark not to do?

12. Why did Lucas get really mad at Mark?

13. What happened when Lucas went out to the barn to go to Corey's trial?

14. What did Lucas do after the Hazlitt clan left?

15. But before he did that, who did he go to see?

16. What was his message to Corey?

17. What did Micah warn Lucas about?

18. What did Micah tell him he would do for his friend?

19. Hazlitt was waiting for Lucas at the ranch, who got killed in the shootout?

20. Mark was glad to be back, but what made him happier than anything?

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