The  Rifleman
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Knight Errant — episode 117

1. What was Mark doing when Don Chimera del Laredo (Don La Gar) arrived at the ranch?
Chasing a pig that had escaped from it’s pen

2. What did Don La Gar look like?
One of the three musketeers - 13th cnetury

3. When he went to knight Mark, what did Mark think he was going to do?
Cut his head off

4. Where did Don La Gar say he came from?
Out of the sunrise, from the shire 'o the rainbow, the county of the Dragon, from castle Vermillion.

5. Who was his sidekick?

6. Who was the next visitor to come to the ranch?
Colonel Black

7. What did the Colonel look like?
A Union Officer

8. When Mark asked him why he was at the ranch, what did he tell Mark?
To kill a man

9. Why was he worried when the Colonel told him that?
He wanted to make sure it wasn't his Pa

10. Who was the Colonel really talking about?
Don La Gar

11. Who was Colonel Black's sidekick?

12. Why were they all gathered at the ranch?
A chess game competition

13. When Lucas go to the ranch, why was he angry?
For letting strangers in the house

14. Who was leading by 28 games?
Colonel Black

15. What did they both accuse each other of?

16. What did they want Lucas to do?
Supervise their game

17. Why was Lucas suspicious of Gates & Scooboo?
Lucas noticed Gates and Scoobo off to one side discussing the moves that should be made by the players

18. What did Gates & Scooboo have to gain from this?
They were betting against their employer

19. How did they cheat?
By changing the chess piece when no one was looking

20. When did they agree to come back for another challenge?
Six months from this date

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