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Honest Abe — episode 118

1. Who is Lucas & Mark visiting?

2. Who does Able think he is?

3. What day are they celebrating?

4. How much schooling did Abe/Able have?

5. Where did Lucas & Mark take Abe/Able?

6. Who was Ann Rutledge, Son?

7. What was the name of Mark's pretend friend?

8. Who was Tad?

9. Thinking Mark is Tad, what doe he want to give him?

10. What was Lucas' reaction to that?

11. What song were they singing in the saloon?

12. A man by the name of Yordy kept making fun & picking on Abe/Able. What did Abe/Able challenge him to?

13. What happened to Yordy?

14. What made Mark chop wood better?

15. Who appeared from the side of the barn?

16. What was he going to do?

17. What did Mark do?

18. What did Abe/Able do?

19. The gun was loaded. Why did Abe/Able lie to Mark?

20. What did Lucas do?

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