The  Rifleman
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The Long Goodbye — episode

1. What was in Grandpa Fogarty’s kitchen that was out of place?
A pig

2. What was Woody doing while Grandpa was making breakfast?
Reading out loud

3. What did Lucas go to Grandpa's for?
To pick up his riata Grandpa was making for him

4. What did Grandpa and Woody do a lot?
Move around

5. What did Grandpa go to the General Store to buy?
Britches for Woody

6. How much did the trousers cost?

7. What was the name of North Fork's busybody?
Mrs. Dalrymple

8. Why was Mrs. Dalrymple so upset?
She wasn't thought Woody should be going to school

9. What did she do next?
She reported this to Micah

10. What did she want Lucas & Micah to do?
Take Woody away from Grandpa

11. What were Grandpa and Woody were outside working on?
A flume

12. Who paid Grandpa an un expected visit?
Debo Lee

13. Who was he to Grandpa?
Together they robbed the Pacific Express some five years back

14. What did Grandpa tell him?
He never had the money

15. What did Grandpa think happened to the money?
He thought the money burned up in the wreck

16. What did Debo do to Grandpa?
He grabbed Grandpa by the throat and threaten to ring his neck if he didn’t tell him where the money was

17. Why did Grandpa get so angry with Woody?
He wasn't really angry with Wood but that was the only way to get him away from there & Debo

18. Who did Woody run crying to?
Lucas & Mark

19. What did Lucas do?
He went to Grandpa's to see what was going on

20. What was the first thing Grandpa did once Debo was dead?
He wanted to see Woody

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