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The Angry Gun — episode 12

1.  Vic Morrow played Johnny Cotton in this episode of The Rifleman, what other episode did he star in?
The Letter of the Law

2.  Where were Lucas & Mark coming back from selling there cattle?
Fort Sumner

3.  How long of a ride is it from Fort Sumner to North Fork?
Ten to twelve hours in a stagecoach

4.  What does Mark complain about while on the stage?
Mark said he was itchy

5.  Mark brags to Cotton about Lucas's shooting ability. "No one's better than my Pa." What does Lucas tell Mark?
Lucas told Mark not to brag so much and that someone's always better

6.  Johnny asks Lucas what he has against pistols. What is Lucas' reply?
"I'm a rancher. I use a gun for hunting animals not men"

7.  According to the Marshal....."A hand gun is a tool..... Beyond forty yards a handgun is useless,"
but he had heard of men who used what to gain more accuracy?
He's heard of men that use a stock to gain more accuracy

8.  Cotton made the statement..... "For a distance beyond forty yards.....a rifles great!" "But anything under that....." Johnny said there is nothing like what?
The feel of a "Cold Iron Handle"

9.  Who made Lucas' rife?
My Pa made it himself!" Exclaimed Mark

10. When Johnny's gang ambushes the stage and they proceed to rob everyone. What does Cotton take from Lucas?
Cotton robs Lucas of his money & his rifle & the shells to his rifle

11. What did Lucas take for him & Mark to eat?

12. Where did Lucas tell the stagecoach driver to take Mark?
Mrs. Peterson's

13. What was Cotton leaving behind that Lucas was sure he was on the right trail of Cotton?
Apples cores

14. After wasting three shots without the stock, how many tries does it take Lucas to gut shoot Cotton?

15. What do we learn about McCain and his resourcefulness?
McCain's resourcefulness comes when he takes the revolver he has and with a
board and twig sets up wind age and elevation coordinates so as to make the gun shoot all the way up the mountain accurately. This displays Luke’s knowledge of firearms, trajectory, etc. And we thought he was just a Sodbuster. He also remembered what Micah said about using a stock for a handgun.

16. As Mark ran up to Lucas, Lucas stopped his horse, reached down and grabbed Mark. Lucas hugged him and pulled him up on his horse with him. Then they pulled away and looked at each. What did Mark say to his Pa?
“How are ya', pa?” he asked Lucas with a smile

17. What other episode of "The Rifleman" did Vic Morrow appear in?
Letter of the Law

18. Vic Morrow was in his own popular TV series, can you name the series and his character?
Combat as Sergeant Chip Saunders

19. We all know that Lucas' rifle is unique. Besides The Angry Gun can you name any other unique guns & the episodes they were in?
 7.   Duel of Honor — Freddie's dueling pistols
12.  The Angry Gun — Improvised stock for that handgun that Lucas used
16.  The Sheridan Story — Frank Blandon pulled out a derringer type gun that was concealed under his shirt
23.  Second Witness — Lyman Special - ten power scope - full windage - elevation knobs. Optics, best made in Europe
27.   The Wrong Man — Jay Jefferson's fancy gun in the holster on his chest
36.   Stranger at Night ― Artemus' pearl handled gun collection that he didn't want to fire
50.   Letter of the Law ― Stocker's French handcrafted one of a kind shiny handguns that he couldn't live without
59.   The Hero — The Domino Kid had special guns that had dominoes etched on the handles
69.   Shotgun Man — Beaumont's shotgun (and Micah's)
134. Tinhorn — Keeler had a derringer that he pulled on Lucas
149. The Assailants — The Gatling Gun
150. Mark’s Rifle – Marty had a 1795 flint lock / Mark's .22 that Lucas bought for him
151. The Most Amazing Man — Wade Randall's trick blank firing guns that he wanted to donate to the North Fork Museum

20. Vic Morrow died in 1982 at the age of 53. Do you know how he died?
He died on the set of Twilight Zone: The Movie in a scene with two children. A helicopter hovering over them crashed killing Vic and the two children.

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