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The Shattered Idol — episode

1. Why was the stage stopping at the McCain Ranch?

2. Who was the passenger on the stage?

3. Where was he headed? Why?

4. How did Mark feel about meeting Mark Twain?

5. Twain was agitated with the stage being delayed and with Mark wanted to know about the post history game and he was asking too many questions. What did he say to Mark?

6. What room did Twain ask for at the hotel? What was the number of his room?

7. What was the book Roughing It about?

8. What did Russell challenge Twain to?

9. Mark ran into Twain at the fishing hole, what did Mark say that upset Twain so much?

10. Twain was so rude to Mark what happened after that?

11. After Lucas told Twain about talking to Mark that way, Twain walked away. What happened next?

12. What did Lucas find in the wast basket?

13. Lucas gave Mark the letter that he found and told Mark to read it. What did Mark say?

14. What was in the letter?

15. Why did he blame himself for his sons death?

16. Lucas returned the letter to Twain and told him he knew how he felt. What was Twain's respsonse?

17. Russell wanted a chance to win his money back from twain in another pool game. What was the stakes this time?

18. Mark knew Twain had lost on purpose. What did Mark shout?

19. The next wager was precious to Twain, what was it? Why was it so important to Twain?

20. What did Twain do before he left North Fork?

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