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Long Gun from Tucson — episode 121

1. What was Holliver & his gang doing in North Fork?

2. Who was covering for Micah?

3. What trade was Henry Waller teaching his son?

4. Waller fixed Lucas' rifle, what was wrong with it?

5. What happened five years ago?

6. Who did they think Holliver was after?

7. What did Nils tell Lucas he, Waller & were were going to do?

8. What did Lucas tell Waller he would do?

9. Who did Holliver tell Lucas he was looking for?

10. When was someone supose to meet him?

11. Lucas went to tell Nils, Waller, Eddie what Holliver had said. When they found out, what was their response?

12. Who was the only one who wanted to stand by Lucas?

13. Why wouldn't he let him stand by him?

14. Where did Mark stay for the night?

15. Mark & Jeffery were upset and crying. What did Jeffrey tell him about his Pa?

16. Holliver and his men were the first cowboys on the street, who was next?

17. Did anyone come to help Lucas, if so who?

18. What was Holliver's signal to his men to start shooting?

19. Who was left standing?

20. Waller & his son, gee Pa, that makes them partner's. Mark wanted to know why they don't put a sign like that on their barn. What was Lucas' reply?

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