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The High Country — episode 122

1. What attracted two strangers to Lucas' Ranch?

2. Where did Lucas see these guys before?

3. What did they tell Lucas they wanted?

4. What did Ambrose off Lucas for his rifle?

5. How did they get their hands on Lucas' rifle?

6. How did Lucas get his rifle back?

7. The mountain men wait until dark to go back and get Lucas' rifle, what happened?

8. The next day Lucas decided to take Gorwin's body back to his kin, What did Ambrose accuse Lucas of?

9. What happened next?

10. Mark told them the truth, but when they asked him if he saw the killing, what did he say?

11. Lucas was found Guilty, what was his sentance?

12. What did they do with Mark?

13. When Claire brought Lucas' supper, what did she tease him with?

14. When Lucas reached for it, what did she do?

15. What did Lucas want Mark to do?

16. What did Lucas do when Ambrose tripped Mark?

17. What did kind of fight did Lucas and Ambrose have to do to prove who was telling the truth?

18. Lucas go the better of Ambrose and pushed him to the ground with his torch getting closer and closer to Ambrose. What did Ambrose do next?

19. What did they do to Ambrose?

20. What did Lucas give Mrs. Morgan?

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