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A Friend In Need — episode 123

1. What does Lucas & Mark do on Saturday? What for?
Go into town for supplies

2. Mark & Neff Packer, a neighbor was trying to decide which flavor of sour ball they wanted. What flavor did Packer give Mark?

3.  What did Milly ask Mark if he wanted to help her with?
Canned goods

4.  Packer told Lucas he had a problem, what was it?
He doesn’t have enough land to feed his herd

5.  Lucas told Packer his land was not for sale, what was Packers reply?
Neff acted offended and told Lucas hadn't said anything about Lucas selling his place

6.  Lucas had a council meeting in town, what did he tell Mark to do when he finished with helping Milly?
To go back to the ranch

7.  What happen to Mark on the way home from Milly's?
A stranger but the name of Carl Avery stopped him and wouldn't let Mark by

8.  What did he ask Mark?
“You wouldn’t want to see anything happen to your dad…would you now?”

9.  What did he tell Mark he would do if he didn't go with him?
Kill Lucas

10. What did he want with Mark?
He was going to hold him for ransom

11. Where was he hiding out?
Old Wolf Canyon Relay Station

12. When Lucas got back to the ranch and Mark wasn't there, what did Lucas do next?
He left a note on the door and then went looking for?

13. How much ransom money did Avery want?
Five thousand dollars for the return of Mark

14. Lucas went to ask John Hamilton for the money, what did he tell Lucas?
John said even if he made a loan on the ranch, he couldn’t get nearly enough money for me and that it wasn't his money to give Lucas. It belongs to the depositors

15. What did Packer say he would do?
Loan Lucas the money

16. Why did Packer want to loan Lucas the money so bad?
He hired Avery to make sure Lucas couldn't make the loan by taking Mark. Lucas would miss the deadline and loose his ranch

17. What happened when Lucas approached relay station?
Mark tried to warn him, Avery was going to kill Lucas

18. How did Lucas kill Avery?
Avery was on the roof of the relay station, Lucas shot several holes in the roof hitting Avery and killing him

19. After Lucas & Mark were hugging each other, they heard a rider approach, who was it?

20. What did Lucas do to him?
He slapped him hard across the face and then watched as he laid face-down in the dirt crying

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