The  Rifleman
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Skull — episode 124

1. What is the name of the saloon?
Lordsburg, N.M. Territorial Saloon
2. How many members of the gang are in there?
3. Where does the Sheriff request help from?
Las Cruces
4. What is on the outlaw’s neck?
A silver skull on a cord
5. What is Mark doing while Lucas is hunting?
Making dinner
6. What does he see?
A Buck
7. What happens while Mark is trailing it?
He slips off a rock and is knocked unconscious
8. What does Lucas leave for Mark?
A note telling him to wait at the camp
9. While looking for Mar what does Lucas come upon?
Skull Ranch
10. Who is the leader of the gang?
Hoyt Coyle
11. What special place does Coyle & his men have for lawmen?
Boot hill
12. What job does Coyle force Lucas to do?
To kill Lordsburg’s sheriff
13. Why does Lucas agree?
They have Mark captive
14. How many bullets are in Lucas’ rifle?
Just one

15. How much help does the Sheriff get other towns?
16. What does the Sheriff believe about Lucas?
He’s riding with Coyle
17. How many men ride in with Lucas?
5 – counting Lucas

18. Which outlaw surrenders?
Warren (Don Drysdale)
19. What does the Sheriff give the McCain's?
A map of areas to find game
20. What are the McCain's hunting?

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