The  Rifleman
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The Princess — episode 125

1. What did Mark find when he went out to the barn?
A young woman, Jennifer and a boy, Charles asleep on her lap

2. What was a matter with the boy?
He was sick

3. Doc Burrage examined Charles, what was his diagnosis?

4. When Doc Burrage examined Charles he noticed a medallion around his neck, what did Charles do when he commented on it?
He hide it inside of his shirt

5. “Who are they, Lucas?” asked the doctor. What did Lucas tell him?
Jennifer and Charles Morrison. They had been going to school back East when their father died. He left them a ranch out west

6. What did the doctor tell Lucas about them?
He had read in the paper from Denver about a woman and her brother who were going to school. They just ran away a couple o’ weeks ago

7. What did Jennifer want to learn?
Learning about farming, doing dishes, milking the cows, laundry and riding horses

8. What book did Mark tell Charles about?
King Author’s Book

9. What did Jennifer tell Lucas he was doing wrong?
She told him he was plowing the field wrong

10. There were three strangers in town, what were they looking for?
Jennifer and Charles

11. What did Jennifer tell Lucas that surprised him?
That she loved him

12. Two of the men that were looking for Jennifer came out to the ranch. The one guy gave Lucas a piece of paper, what was in it?
Her father had died and now she was queen

13. Lucas went to see if Jennifer was in the barn, who greeted him as he opened the door?

14. What did Charles have?
A pistol

15. When Charles gave Lucas the pistol, what did he say to him?
“I’m sorry, sir” - “She’s crying, sir.”

16. What did Jennifer tell Lucas?
She won't to go back

17. Where did she tell him she would go?

18. What did she want?
To be free

19. The Count stated that it is possible for her to advocate in preference to a freer way of life if she so desire; but it is certainly not their wish. What was her response?
“I cannot turn my face from what I am, and you know that as well as I do.”

20. What did Jennifer give Lucas as a memento?
Her medallion

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