The  Rifleman
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Gun Fire — episode

1. Who is sitting in front of Micah’s office when this episode begins?
A deputy, Ben

2. Who does Micah have locked up in the jail?
Charlie Gordo

3.  What is the prisoner doing?
Playing solitaire

4. What does the prisoner ask Micah for?
A steak dinner

5.  What is bothering Mark at dinner?
His tie is too tight

6.  What does Lucas order?
Steak, potatoes and coffee

7.  Why won’t Mark order dinner?
He’ll be eating cake, cookies & ice cream at a party

8.  Whose party is he going to?

9.  What news does the stagecoach driver give Micah?
The lawman from Denver was found shot dead in his room

10. What happened in Salinas a couple of years ago?
Ted Burkes was killed by Gordo’s men

11. Why does Ben want to leave his position as a deputy and go home?
He has a wife and 4 kids

12. What does Lucas ask Nils to do?
Bed down Razor for him

13. What does Lucas do with the badge?
Pins it on the right side of his shirt

14.  Why does he put it there?
He has a big heart

15. Who came in on the stage?
Two cattleman from Denver

16. What alerts Lucas to trouble?
Ben’s horse is standing in the alley

17. What happens when Lucas and Micah are searching for clues?
A lantern is shot out

18. Why does Micah get angry with Nils?
He left the jail unguarded

19. What happened in North Fork six months ago?
Hoof and mouth epidemic wiped out herds

20. How many men does Lucas kill?

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