The  Rifleman
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Quiet Fear — episode

1.  Who gets off the stage in North Fork?

2.  How long has it been since Lucas had seen his old friend?

3.  Who did he bring with him?

4.  What does he tell Lucas about Abby?

5.  Whose farm had he bought?

6.  Who is Brice Hornsby?

7.  What is the first word Mark shows Abby?

8.  What does he write?

9.  What word does Abby surprise Jake with?

10. What hand did Brice lose the poker game with?

11. How much money does he owe Bud Marlin?

12. What does Lucas show Brice?

13. What does Brice scratch into the barn wall?

14. What is Abby going to cook for supper?

15.  How does Abby defend herself from Bud?

16. What does Lucas send Mark to get?

17. What falls on Mark when he is in the barn?

18. Where are Jake and Abby going on the stage?

19.   What will they learn while in Denver?

20. What does Lucas mention Brice has taken to?

Quiet Fear — answers

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