The  Rifleman
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Sporting Chance — episode 128

1. A strange by the name of Jeremy Pennebroke arrived on the stage, where was he from?
Birmingham England

2. Micah noticed the fancy “gear” he had. What did Micah think he did for a living?
A gunsmith

3. What was Pennebroke bragging about the fact that he made it himself?
A repeating rifle

4. Who was the gentleman looking for?
Lucas McCain?

5. What was his business with Lucas?
He was going kill him

6. How did Pennebroke recognize Lucas when he rode into town?
He had heard about Lucas and the rifle with the firing ring

7. When Micah told Lucas what Pennebroke wanted to kill him, what did Lucas think?
That it was a joke

8. What else was Pennebroke looking for?
A reputation. Then he shall have the money he needs to go into business to make rifles like his repeating rifle

9. What did Lucas tell him?
He had no intention of fighting him

10. What if Lucas killed him, what did he say to that?
“Hm…There is that possibility. I hadn’t thought of that. But in that event, I wouldn't need this anymore, would I?"

11. Lucas told him he would consider this on one condition, what was it?
He asked Micah to bring him to the ranch the next day and for Pennebroke to bring his rifle

12. What were they going to do?
They were going to have a shooting match!

13. After the shooting match Lucas what did Lucas tell him?
He still wouldn't fight Pennebroke

14. What did Pennebroke say that upset Lucas?
He accused him of backing out

15. Who else called Lucas out?
Chuley Carr

16. What did Pennebroke call him?
A coward, a sniffling coward

17. Micah told them: "There'll be no gun play on this street or any place else in this town, and I mean it!" Where did they meet?
Outside of town

18. Pennebroke was faster then Chuley, but didn't shoot, why?
He passed out

19. What was Chuley gonna to do?
He was going to kill him anyway

20. Pennebroke said he had a most instructive visit. What did they mean?
“Well, I’ll never forget that shooting at a tin can is quite different from shooting at a living target

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