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A Young Man's Fancy — episode 129

1. Who came to North Fork to visit Milly?
Her niece, Sally Walker

2. Where was Sally from?

3. What did Milly ask Mark to do?
To bring Sally's bag over to the store

4. What did Mark think of Sally?
He thought she was beautiful

5. Sally asked Mark to do her a favor, what was it?
To take a letter to Bruce Henry

6. When Mark arrives at the Willow Ranch what was he doing?
He was whipping a horse

7. When Mark gave Bruce Henry the note from Sally, how did he react?
“My my,” he laughed. “Well, if that don’t beat all!” He laughed again. “I said that gal was loco. Imagine that, a girl like that…she was chasing me all the time when I was in Denver.”

8. Before Mark left for the Willow Ranch, what did Milly remind Mark?
That she & Sally were coming to supper

9. After supper, what did Sally & Mark do?
They went out onto the front posrch and Mark played his guitar and sang Something Special to her

10. The next day Bruce Henry stopped by The General Store. What did he ask Sally?
To go on a picnic

11. Why did Mark ask Lucas about the west range?
He wanted to buy

12. When Lucas asked him about it, what did Mark say?
He wanted the land for him and Sally

13. Why was Lucas upset the next day when he went to see Milly?
He thought Sally was leading Mark on

14. What did Lucas find out?
That Mark's crush was one-sided

15. What message did Sally tell Lucas to give Mark?
She said she hadn't seen him since the church social and she'd like him to play his guitar for her again real soon

16. Why did Lucas take Mark out to Miller's Pond?
He knew Mark would believe him if he told him about Sally & Bruce Henry, he had to show him

17. What was Mark's reaction?
He was hurt and angry

18. Mark couldn't believe Sally would like a guy like Bruce Henry, What did Mark decide to do?
Show Sally what he was really like

19. How did he do that?
By Making Bruce Henry jealous and mad so he would pick a fight with Mark

20. Sally was saying her goodbyes, she thank Mark. What did she do next?
She kissed him

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