The Rifleman
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The Young Englishman — episode 13

1. What was the name of the Ashford's Ranch?
Crown Ranch

2. Who was the owner?
Lord Ashford

3. What was Jeremy Ashford's relationship to Lord Ashford?
Younger brother

4. Where did Lucas have his stock grazing, when he noticed he had a cow missing?
Pine Valley

5. Waggoner describes Lucas's calf as the best bull calf he's seem all year,how could he tell?
The calf was square in the chest

6. What was the name of Lucas cow?

7. What was the top price for beef fifty years ago at that time?
A penny & five

8. Jeremy is not considered a Lord in title, why?
Under the range rule in England, the younger son does not get the title, he has to work for a living

9. What was the name of the foreman?

10. Who took care of the books?
Jeremy Ashford

11. When Lucas asked Mark what they were teaching him in school these days, what was Mark’s answer?
The three R's — doctoring animals & how to care for pink-eye

12. How did Lucas pick his calf out from the others?
Lucas left it all up to Bossie & her calf to pick each other out

13. Where did Lucas find his calf?
Cottonwood Ravine

14. Waggoner struck Lucas with his whip, where did he hit him?
Lucas's face, right cheek

15. Mark asked Lucas if he was going to take that from Waggoner, what was Lucas's reply?
Lucas said nothing & rode off — “Mark, there’s a time for fighting and a time for backing away,” I explained. “I think this was a backing away time. We’ll get our calf. Tomorrow morning.”

16. What had Lucas previously told Mark about the rifle?
It's a weapon only at a last resort

17. Lucas asked Jeremy if he ever heard of the Homestead Act, how did Lucas describe it?
640 acres is yours for using it & working it

18. Jeremy did not qualify, why?
He was not an American citizen

19. What other episode did James Coburn co-star in?
The High Country

20.  How many episodes do we see someone using a whip? Can you name the episodes and who's doing the whipping and to who/what?
10.  New Orleans Menace — Cesar Tiffauges uses a whip on one of his men
13.  The Young Englishman — Waggoner struck Lucas in the face with his whip
30.  Three Legged Terror — Johnny's uncle takes out a whip at the social and threatens to beat Johnny within an inch of his life
52.  The Babysitter — Wood Bartell used his whip on Lucas
122. The High Country — Ambrose saw Lucas and Claire kissing and whips Lucas
129. A Young Man’s Fancy — Bruce Henry uses a whip on a horse


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