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Man from Salinas — episode

1. Who was filling in for Micah?

2. A stranger, Rudy Gray, tried to enter the bank when John was trying to close for the day. What did the strange say that made John let him in?
He wanted desperately to make a deposit

3. What did the stranger really want?
He was going to rob the bank

4. What did he tell John to do when he left?
To raise up the window shade. While he's leaving, John's suppose to smile smile and wave at him like I was an old friend you’re saying goodbye to

5. And if John did do as he says, what would he do?
He's put a bullet through that window right into him

6. While making his get away what alarmed Lucas that something was wrong?
John started making motions that the man was holding him up

7. How bad did Lucas shoot Rudy Gray?
He was just barely alive

8. Lucas went over to the telegraph office to telegraph the Sheriff in Salinas. What did Lucas want?
Someone to identify him

9. Foley, a man who happened to be there at the time knew Gray, what did he intend on going to North Fork?
To claim the body and collect the reward on Gray

10. Who was in on this with him? How much did they both have to gain?
Tom, the telegrapher / One thousand dollars a piece

11. What was their plan?
Foley would pretend to be his brother and claim the body and when Lucas would wire the Sheriff in Salinas Tom would intentionally forget to turn forget to turn it over to the sheriff

12. Foley told Lucas his name was Tom Gray. After they introduced themselves, what was the first question Tom (Foley) asked Lucas?
If Rudy gray was alive

13. When they got to the doctor's office, what did the doctor tell him?
“I’m sorry, Mr. Gray. I did everything I could, but he never regained consciousness.”

14. What did Tom (Foley) asked the doctor & Lucas he could do?
He wanted to see his brother alone

15. What did Tom (Foley) do to Rudy Gray?
He suffocated him with a pillow

16. What did Foley want to do with the body?
He wanted to take the body home with him

17. Lucas was suspicious of Gray. What confirmed his suspicion?
Lucas noticed Foley had a monogrammed saddle with the initials D. F.

18. That night Foley planned on taking gray's body and collecting the reward, who was waiting on him?

19. Lucas worn the deputies badge on his right side of his shirt in this episode. What other episode did he do this?
Gun Fire

20. What episodes of The Rifleman did Robert Culp write?
Waste 1 & 2

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