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Two Ounces of Tin — episode 131

1. Why did Micah order Tip Corey to get back on his horse and ride out?
He didn't want this killer in North Fork

2. What did Corey do next?
Corey drew his gun and hit Micah’s badge with the barrel of it

3. What did Corey say the Marshal's badge was worth?
Two ounces of tin

4. Corey then tapped Micah's badge. What did he tell Micah if he saw that badge at sundown?
If that badge is still pinned to his vest at sundown Marshal, he'll be lying in the dirt with it

5. Mark ran into Corey outside of town, his horse had a bum leg. What did he ask Mark to do?
Trade horses with him

6. What was Mark's replay?
Mark told him he’d raised Blue Boy up from a colt and he liked him

7. What did Mark off to do?
Mark told him he'd make up a bandage and a salt pack to take down the swelling

8. Why was Lucas upset when he arrived at the ranch?
Tip Cory was a killer. Where ever he goes he leaves a dead man behind. There must be twelve men in their grave because of him

9. Where did Corey go after he left the McCain's?
To his father's grave

10. While talking to his Pa at his grave, what did Corey say?
"I'm sorry it took me so long in comin' back Pa. I didn't forget about you, not for a second. Just took me a while to search him out, that's all. But I found him Pa. I finally found him and I killed him! I killed some others too. It just happened Pa. I went searchin' for just them five but.....things just happened. Corey started crying. "Pa, Pa, I'm lonesome!"

11. Why was Micah suppose to go to County Court?
He was suppose to testify for boy on his way to prison for something he didn’t do

12. What did Lucas suspect the reason for Micah changing his mind was?
Because of Tip Cory

13. While Lucas was trying to convince Micah to go to County Court, what did Lucas see?
Corey ride back into town

14. With Micah thinking Corey was gone, what did he do?
He continued his trip to County Court

15. Corey saw Lucas walk out of the Marshal's office with a badge on, what did he tell Lucas?
He told him the same think goes for him as it did Micah

16. Just then Mark appeared from the side of the hotel. What did Lucas tell him to do?
To go on back to the townhouse until he came for him

17. How did Corey's Pa get killed?
"There were seven. We rode into town we saw these drunken trail hands, they were funnin' with a young Indian girl. He said to me, go over to the marshal's office and you fetch him. I went over there. I got the marshal out alright. He took one look at what was goin' on, he turned around and went right back into the office. Them drunken trail hands...they killed him. They knew there was nobody going to stop them from what they were going to do so they killed my Pa."

18. Who said they would pick it up and when?
"I'll pick it up!” said Mark - "Maybe not right away, but someday somewhere I'll pick it up and I'll come after you! Won't be for a long time yet! But someday, someday you’re gonna see that badge again and I'll be behind it! So you just be ready Mr. Corey. Ya' hear? Cause someday...somewhere..."

19. Corey called Lucas out, what happened?
Lucas killed Corey

20. Corey's dying words were: "A man gets tired McCain." He looked up Mark. "Flowers." What did he mean by this?
He wanted Mark to put flowers on his grave as Mark did on his fathers grave

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