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Deadly Image — episode 132

1. What are the two cowboys doing in camp when approached by Len and Ab Richards?

2. Who does the rancher think killed his brother, Ab?

3. What part of the country did Ab get shot in?

4. What was Lucas' alibi?

5. What is the man who did the shooting wear?

6. What was Len's description of his brother's killer?

7. How much is a shot of whiskey?

8. When asking for directions, where does Sweeney tell him Lucas lives?

9. What does the stranger say about North Fork?

10. What is Sweeney's reply?

11. What is the stranger’s name?

12. How much is a cold beer?

13. What does Bantry do to Micah?

14. What is his Bantry's sidekicks’ name?

15. What is Mark doing at the ranchwhen Bantry arrives?

16. What does Mark do with Bantry’s hat?

17. What does KC tell Bantry?

18. What does Bantry smash?

19. How many brothers did Bantry have?

20. What happened to them?

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