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The Debt — episode 133

1.  Where was Micah headed and why?
He was taking a prisoner to Indian Bend

2.  Why was Lucas and Mark trailing Micah?
They had a message to deliver to him

3.  Who was the message from?
The Sheriff up at the county seat

4. What did it say?
That he can take your prisoner on into Santa Fe instead of going all the way to Indian Bend

5.  Mark was just as surprised to see the prisoner, as Renolds was Mark. How do they know each other?
Renolds helped Mark when he was stuck down in a ravine where he was hurt. Mark had been bitten by a rattler three years ago. Renolds took him to the nearest town

6.  What did Renolds tell Mark that surprised him?
He was going to be hanged

7.  How did Mark react to this
He was upset. He wanted Lucas and Micah to help him

8.  What was bothering the horses?
A mountain lion

9.  How did Renolds get the key to the handcuffs?
The key fell out of Micah's pocket

10. Why was Lucas so angry at Mark?
For watching / letting Renolds get away

11. Micah didn't take it as hard as Lucas did. What did Micah say?
He felt Mark thought he owed Renolds a debt and it’s got him a little mixed up

12. Where did Lucas leave Mark while he and Micah searched for Renolds?
Abe Merar's

13. Where was Renolds at?
Abe Merar's

14. Renolds was taking Mark with him. What did he tell Mark to do?
Fill the canteens

15. What did Mark fill them with?

16. What did Renolds do when he realized Mark filled the canteens with Kerosene?
He spit it out and then laughed. "Kerosene! It took guts, boy! I like that! Wait until the boys hear that, they won’t believe it!!"

17. Where did Lucas & Micah track Renolds to?
Abe Merar's

18. With no water to make it across the badlands, where did they stop?
A ghost town, about ten or eleven miles

19. Renolds tied Mark up, what happened when Mark tried to get loose?
There was a candle on the table, he thought he could burn the ropes to get loose, he accidently knocked the table over

20. How did they repay Renolds for saving Mark's live, again?
They went to Santa Fe together to see the governor. Maybe he’ll think Mark's got a favor comin' and swap Renolds hangin' for a prison sentence

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