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The Debt — episode 133

1.  Where was Micah headed and why?

2.  Why was Lucas and Mark trailing Micah?

3.  Who was the message from?

4. What did it say?

5.  Mark was just as surprised to see the prisoner, as Renolds was Mark. How do they know each other?

6.  What did Renolds tell Mark that surprised him?

7.  How did Mark react to this

8.  What was bothering the horses?

9.  How did Renolds get the key to the handcuffs?

10. Why was Lucas so angry at Mark?

11. Micah didn't take it as hard as Lucas did. What did Micah say?

12. Where did Lucas leave Mark while he and Micah searched for Renolds?

13. Where was Renolds at?

14. Renolds was taking Mark with him. What did he tell Mark to do?

15. What did Mark fill them with?

16. What did Renolds do when he realized Mark filled the canteens with Kerosene?

17. Where did Lucas & Micah track Renolds to?

18. With no water to make it across the badlands, where did they stop?

19. Renolds tied Mark up, what happened when Mark tried to get loose?

20. How did they repay Renolds for saving Mark's live, again?

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