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Tinhorn — episode 134

1. What was Will and Mark fighting about?

2. What did Mark call Willie?

3. What was the wager for their bet?

4. Who was waiting for Lucas after the game was over?

5. What was Lucas helping Jesse for?

6. What was afraid would happen if he lost his ranch?

7. When Lucas got home he noticed some bruises on his face. What did Mark tell him what happened?

8. When Lucas asked him about the fight, what did Mark tell him?

9. Who stopped by Jesse's place the next day and why?

10. How much money did Jesse owe him?

11. What else did Keeler tell him?

12. What did Lucas tell Jesse's wife. Mary?

13. Why was Milly upset with Lucas?

14. What did Micah do to help lure Keeler in?

15. What did Lucas due to assure a seat at the poker table?

16. Why was Lucas suspicious of Rose?

17. Keeler told Lucas to get out, what was Lucas' response?

18. How did Lucas catch Keeler cheating?

19. How did Lucas find the secret compartment under the table

20. What did Lucas ask Fats to play on the piano?

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