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None So Blind — episode 135

1.  Mark asked Lucas what was wrong with the sick steer, what was Lucas' response?

2.  Why didn't Lucas tell Mark the truth?

3.  Mark sure was chipper, what did Lucas tell Mark he was full of?

4.  What else did Lucas tell him?

5.  While out riding, what did Mark hear?

6.  The man was Lafayette Bly, what did his friends call him?

7.  What was Bly's name for Mark?

8.   How did Nark realize Faye was blind?

9.  What did Bly tell Mark he would do?

10. Bly was looking for a man. He asked Mark if he would let him know of any strangers in town. What was his description?

11. Why was Bly looking for him?

12. A man by the name of Mack stopped by to look at Lucas cattle, why?

13. Mack told Lucas his cattle had to be destroyed, what was the signs they were sick?

14. What did he want Lucas to do with them?

15. Mark decided to get revenge against Mack for condemning their cattle, how.

16. Bly told Mark although he couldn't see the man he was looking for?

17. When Micah walked by, how de he described him?

18. What happened when Lucas walked by?

19. How did Lucas get free?

20. What song did they sing at the end of this episode?

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