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The Jealous Man — episode 136

1. Before going to town where did Lucas and Mark decide to stop first?

2. Lucas saw Mrs. Owens mounting her horse when the horse suddenly reared and she fell off. What did Lucas do?

3. What was Fay's husband's reaction?

4. Mrs. Owens apologized for her husband’s rudeness. What did she ask them to do?

5. What did Jake accused his wife of?

6. How did Micah know Jake Owens?

7. What did Jake do before he came to North Fork?

8. Lucas literally ran into Fay while she was coming out of The General Store knocking her packages to the ground. Just then Jake saw them, what did he do?

9. What did Jake tell Micah to do about Lucas?

10. There were two strangers in town, Andy Travis and Simms, what were they doing in North Fork?

11. Lucas went out to the North line to fix fence posts, what did he find there?

12. Why was she there?

13. Who was watching them?

14. What did the onlookers do next?

15. What invention did Mark come up with?

16. Why did Micah ride out to the McCain Ranch?

17. Lucas went out to work at the North Line. What happened while Jake and Lucas was having words?

18. Who else was there to make sure Lucas killed Jake?

19. Gunshots rang out from the bushes, Travis and Simms were shooting at Lucas & Jake, Who shot who?

20. Lucas called Jake a fool, what else did he say?

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