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Guilty Conscience — episode

1. Why was Mark anxious to meet the stage?

2. What was the big attraction that was on the stage and why?

3. Who was traveling with her?

4. The woman, Leota, looked around at the crowd and saw someone standing there. Why did she let out a terrifying scream and fainted?

5. What did Mrs. Ramirez do to help Leota and why?

6. What was Hab widdling from a piece of wood?

7. Mrs. Ramirez came out of the hotel. "Poor woman. She's had a terrible experience!" What was her experience?

8. Who did she point out as her husband and Hab's father?

9. What did Micah have to say to this?

10. What did March see that shocked him while hanging up the wanted posters?

11. What did Lucas do with the poster?

12. When Lucas asked Micah about this Leota and Hab were staying with, what did he say?

13. Where did Lucas go and why?

14. What was Lucas going to do wif he found him?

15. What did Lucas do when he walked into the saloon and saw the man he was looking for?

16. What did Leota say when Lucas rode into North Fork with Norman?

17. What did Micah do when he told him that he doesn't take kindly to a galoot chasin’ after me wife the second my back is turned. And another thing…Marshal or no Marshal, it’s just a good thing for him that he's not in a fightin’ mood?

18. What did Norma change Habcock's name to?

19. Leota was sad to leave Micah, how did she say her goodbyes?

20. How did Micah take Leotas' leaving?

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