The  Rifleman
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Day of Reckoning — episode

1. Why did Lucas and Mark go to the city?
To sell their cattle

2. How many did they have and how much did they get a head?
20 cattle / $18.00 a head

3. Why did Lucas cut his trip short?
Lucas told Micah he would cover for him so he could go to the Marshal's Convention

4. What was Lucas' reaction when he saw the new preacher, Preacher Jaminson?
He was furious

5. What was Lucas have against Jamison?
Lucas accused Jamison of ridding the Oklahoma border, burning out settlers...stealing their lands…dishing out misery for so many dollars he could spend in a saloon

6. What was Jamison's response?

7. Lucas apologized to Mark for his actions. How did Mark reply to this?
Mark told him he understood and he had a good reason to talk to Mr. Jamison like that

8. What happened to Lucas' Pa?
Lucas watched his Pa's farm burn. The house an’ barns, and fields. A lifetime of work. When he died, he died an unhappy man

9. Who put an end to Jamison's raids?
The Army

10. Lucas was strong about his convictions of Jamison, what did he say Jamison was doing?
“Jamison is nothing but a coward hiding behind a cloth!”

11. Before Micah left, what did he remind Lucas?
Jamison was still a citizen and deserved my protection while he was gone

12. The Breen brothers, Willie and Charley rode into town. Why were they there?
They were there to torment him, they wanted to get him to put on a gun

13. Aaron, Jamison’s son, came into the Marshal’s office to talk to Lucas, what did he want?
He asked Lucas when he grew up and did something bad, will it always count against him

14. Lucas apologized to him, what did he tell him?
No, of course not, and it won't happen again. I won't say another word in this town about your father. Good or bad

15. What was Jamison's sermon on? And what was it based on?
Transgressions of his former life. It served the dual purpose of telling the congregation all about him

16. The brothers kept hackling Jamison telling everyone all the things Jamison had done and making things up. What did Jamison do?
He went to see Lucas

17. Lucas apologized for the Breen brothers, but what did Jamison say to that?
They speak from ignorance. Their words can’t hurt him. Lies never can. But your words – your silence has destroyed me

18. What did Jamison do next?
He took off his collar and strapped on a gun

19. Lucas went to talk to Jamison, but Jamison was already out on the street. He saw Charley, but didn't see Will, where was he?
On top of the roof

20. The Breen brothers were going to ambush Jamison and or Lucas, what happened next?
Lucas shot and killed them bother

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