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Day of Reckoning — episode

1. Why did Lucas and Mark go to the city?

2. How many did they have and how much did they get a head?

3. Why did Lucas cut his trip short?

4. What was Lucas' reaction when he saw the new preacher, Preacher Jaminson?

5. What was Lucas have against Jamison?

6. What was Jamison's response?

7. Lucas apologized to Mark for his actions. How did Mark reply to this?

8. What happened to Lucas' Pa?

9. Who put an end to Jamison's raids?

10. Lucas was strong about his convictions of Jamison, what did he say Jamison was doing?

11. Before Micah left, what did he remind Lucas?

12. The Breen brothers, Willie and Charley rode into town. Why were they there?

13. Aaron, Jamison’s son, came into the Marshal’s office to talk to Lucas, what did he want?

14. Lucas apologized to him, what did he tell him?

15. What was Jamison's sermon on? And what was it based on?

16. The brothers kept hackling Jamison telling everyone all the things Jamison had done and making things up. What did Jamison do?

17. Lucas apologized for the Breen brothers, but what did Jamison say to that?

18. What did Jamison do next?

19. Lucas went to talk to Jamison, but Jamison was already out on the street. He saw Charley, but didn't see Will, where was he?

20. The Breen brothers were going to ambush Jamison and or Lucas, what happened next?

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