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The Day A Town Slept — episode

1. Lucas and Mark were out of tome for three weeks, where did they go?
To a stock show

2. What surprised did Lucas get when they arrived back in North Fork?
North Fork had a new Marshal

3. What did Ben Judson tell Lucas and Mark?
That he beat Micah in the election for town Marshal

4. He told Lucas there was a new ordinance related to the carrying of firearms while in town, what did Lucas say to that?
He reluctantly gave him his rifle

5. Lucas wanted to know what was going on so he ask Nils. What did he tell Lucas?
Most folks were away for the stock show, they weren't here to vote or they didn’t seem to care about the election. Most of them figured Micah would win hands down

6. Where did they find Micah and what was he doing?
Micah was home drinking

7. What did Lucas tell him?
“Micah, if I knew you weren’t gonna be supported in the election, Mark and I would have postponed our trip."

8. What was Tom Barrett doing in North Fork?
That Barrett was there to turn himself in for immediate hearing in the hope that the charges against him might be dismissed as unfounded

9. Why did this upset Micah?
Micah was a witness that Barrett and his brother held up the noon stage and killed the driver and the shotgun rider

10. Judson wanted to go ahead and hold the hearing now. What was the turn out of the hearing?
Not guilty, he’s free to come and go as he pleases

11. Lucas was upset with his decision, what did Lucas do next?
Lucas grabbed him by the jacket and turned him toward him. "We’ll see what the circuit judge has to say about this, if I know Judge Evans, Barrett’s going to have to prove that he was somewhere else during that hold up!”

12. Micah was upset with his decision, what did Micah have to say to Judson?
"Judson! I've always had a respect for the law but...the sight of that badge on you sickens me. If I was twenty years younger I'd rip it off of you and the devil take the consequences!”

13. What slip of the tongue did Judson say at the hearing that made Lucas question Judson decision even more?
Lucas mentioned the slip of the tongue Judson had made about Micah laying face down in the dirt and that this could be prearranged, try and get back at Micah

14. How did the robbery go down?
Barrett & Judson was him in Santa Fe during the time of the stage holdup. Judson put abullet in that driver’s head same time Barrett was blowin’ a hole in the shotgun rider

15. They couldn't let Micah talk to Judge Evan, what was there plan?
To get Micah riled up and force him in a fight so they could kill him

16. How did they plan to do that?
Judson pinned a badge on Barrett

17. Well their scheme worked, Micah was furious. What did Barrett do next?
He challenge Micah out in the street

18. They both drew their guns at the same time, who was shot?
Micah fell to the ground as Barrett fired. His bullet missed him. “Bang!” Micah’s shot hit Barrett

19. What was Barrett yelling while laying in the street?
"Take him out Judson! Take him out!” “I warned you! If I'm going downhill I'm gonna take you with me! You wanna know who my partner was on that stage hold up? There he stands!"

20. Lucas walked over to Barrett and ripped the badge off his shirt, what did Lucas do with the badge?
Lucas pinned the badge on Micah's shirt. “This belongs to you. I just voted you back into office".

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