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The Day A Town Slept — episode

1. Lucas and Mark were out of tome for three weeks, where did they go?

2. What surprised did Lucas get when they arrived back in North Fork?

3. What did Ben Judson tell Lucas and Mark?

4. He told Lucas there was a new ordinance related to the carrying of firearms while in town, what did Lucas say to that?

5. Lucas wanted to know what was going on so he ask Nils. What did he tell Lucas?

6. Where did they find Micah and what was he doing?

7. What did Lucas tell him?

8. What was Tom Barrett doing in North Fork?

9. Why did this upset Micah?

10. Judson wanted to go ahead and hold the hearing now. What was the turn out of the hearing?

11. Lucas was upset with his decision, what did Lucas do next?

12. Micah was upset with his decision, what did Micah have to say to Judson?

13. What slip of the tongue did Judson say at the hearing that made Lucas question Judson decision even more?

14. How did the robbery go down?

15. They couldn't let Micah talk to Judge Evan, what was there plan?

16. How did they plan to do that?

17. Well their scheme worked, Micah was furious. What did Barrett do next?

18. They both drew their guns at the same time, who was shot?

19. What was Barrett yelling while laying in the street?

20. Lucas walked over to Barrett and ripped the badge off his shirt, what did Lucas do with the badge?

The Day A Town Slept — answers

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