The Rifleman
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The Gaucho — episode 14

1.  What was Mark pestering his father to buy for him?
A rifle

2.  Which of his friends has what Mark wants?

3.  What does Lucas ask Mark if he wants to do?
Make the payment at the bank

4.  What does Mark ask John Hamilton for at the bank window?
A receipt

5.  Why are the local ranchers gathered at the bank?
To see who Rumson sold his ranch to

6.  What was the concern of the other ranchers?
It might be sheep herders

7.  What does Curge Palmer call the stranger?
A pepper gut

8.  What do the boys call the Gaucho?

9.  What does Mark call the Gaucho?
A pepper gut

10. The scene where the boys are making fun of The Gaucho, who is the boy standing next to Mark?
Bobby ― Johnny's brother, Bobby Crawford Jr.

11. What is John Hamilton’s middle name?

12. What does Lucas ask Mark when Mark is doing his homework?
What is a pepper gut?

13. What favor does Lucas ask Senor Argentez?
To let Mark ride with Manolo

14. What riddle does Senor tell Lucas?
In what month does a woman speak least: February

15. What does Manolo refer to Lucas as?

16. What does Nita give him?
A kiss and a flower

17. What does Lucas call Mark at bedtime?

18. What happens when Ned goes to the ranch to see Nita?
He is killed

19. What does Micah say to Curge?
You're just a pot of hot water; as long as you're watched you're never going to boil

20. What does Lucas offer Mark and what is his response?
To buy him a rifle without ammunition and Mark says he’d rather wait until he was older and could appreciate it more

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