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Millie's Brother — episode

1. Lucas and Micah volunteered to move a heavy crate for Milly, what was their reward?
Fried chicken

2. A stranger by the name of Harry Chase came into Milly's Store, he recognized Lucas right away. How did he know Lucas?
He said he was in company B...11th Indiana and Lucas had been his training officer

3. Why was Milly so interested when Chase mentioned McDowell's Third Infantry?
Her brother was with the McDowell Third Infantry, Ted Scott. He...he was killed at Bull Run

4. What did Chase tell her about her brother?
He told Milly he did know her brother and that he died right along side of him

5. Milly was upset, she wanted to hear more, what did Lucas tell her to do?
To go lay down

6. She never could find anyone who knew him or even if he was buried. What did Chase tell her?
He told her that he and the rest of the men that fell that day were resting peaceful. He said that he saw to it personally. A small grove by a stream...pretty place. And as for sufferin'...he didn't

7. Milly appreciated Chase telling her about her brother, what did she do to thank him?
She invited him along with Micah, Mark and Lucas for Fried Chicken Sunday

8. Who did Micah volunteered to do the dishes?
Micah and Lucas

9. Chase told Milly he had a wife and a boy, what happened to them?
They died of the cholera

10. He also told her he was wounded and laid in a field hospital for three weeks, where was he wounded?
The leg

11. Lucas stopped at Milly's the next day, but she wasn't in. So he thought he'd see if Chase was in the saloon. Where were they?
Chase and Milly were on a picnic

12. What were Milly and chase about to do when Mark rode up?

13. Mark wondered about the drawings in the dirt and asked what it was for?
Milly explained that Harry was telling him about where her brother was buried

14. Lucas saw Milly and Chase ride into town, who was with them?

15. Lucas invited Milly and Chase to dinner at the hotel, what was their reply?
They weren't hungry, they had dinner plans later

16. Lucas asked Milly what time should I pick you up church social Sunday, what did she tell him?
"I...didn't think you asked me to go with you," she answered. "Did you?"

17. Lucas went to talk to Milly, what happened next?
They argued about Harry..... "If Harry Chase were half the man he thinks he is and half the man you-"
Milly interrupted Lucas. "Half the man compared to whom!" Lucas grabbed her roughly and kissed, then left

18. Mark was telling Lucas about the stories Harry told him.… It was at Chancellorsville, suddenly what did Lucas realize?
Chase had been lying all along

19. Lucas went into town and confronted Chase? Chase left town, what did Chase say to Lucas before he left?
"Never take a woman for granted, Luke...especially her." He then rode off

20. Milly stopped by to give Lucas his civil ward book back. What did Lucas ask Milly he could do?
If he could walk her home

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