The  Rifleman
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Outlaw's Shoes — episode 141

1. Why was Lucas stopping off at Red Creek?
To get a new spring for his rifle

2. What happened to Lucas while riding on the trail to Red Creek?
He was bushwhacked and got shot

3. Who shot Lucas? What did he say after he shot Lucas?
A cowboy called Jeems / nice clean headshot…

4. George Vale and Jeems were partners. What was George Vale wanted for and how much was the reward?
Murder and Robbery / $1,000.00 reward

5. Besides Lucas' identity what did Vale take from Lucas?
His rifle and Razor, his horse

6. What did he leave in return?
His fancy guns with his name on them and his horse

7. Where was Mark staying while Lucas was at the Yearling Sell?
With Mr. Stevens, an old friend from Oklahoma

8. Lucas went to town and stopped at the doctors. What was his diagnosis?
Bullet crease done with a rifle. He said that Lucas was shot at close range and the loss of memory should come back in a few days as the concussion wore off. In two or three days, he'll start remembering little things

9. Lucas was confused, he went to talk to the Sheriff, maybe he could help him. What did he tell him?
That he was wanted for murder and robber in Wyoming

10. Why was the sheriff sure this was Vale?
The wanted poster read six foot five...two hundred pounds...not many men walking around fit that description and the gun with his name on it

11. Mark was concerned for Lucas and went into Red Creek to see if his Pa might have stopped there. What was Mark's' reaction when he confronted him?
He thought his Pa was playing a game

12. Why was Frank & Joe Weiden looking for George Vale?
For shooting Bob, their brother, he was 16 years old in the back for his horse

13. What were they going to do to Vale?
Hang him

14. Mark keep screaming and yelling at them telling them and town his Pa was Lucas Mcain, Not George Vale? No one would listen to him. Where did Mark go for help?
The Sheriff / The Sheriff sent a man named Aaron out to the Stevens’ spread to get Stevens

15. The Sheriff wasn't going to stand for a hanging without a trial, what did they do to him?
They locked him in a cell

16. Stevens rode into town and verified Lucas was not Vale and tried to talk Lucas into putting down his gun. What did Mark notice that made Lucas start to remember who he was?
Razor his horse with his rifle in it's boot and the Gun Shop

17. What did George Vale do?
He rushed Lucas and threw him to the ground, hitting him from behind

18. What did the Weiden brothers realized?
They had made a mistake, they’d got the wrong man

19. What happened to Vale?
They drew on Vale and his partner and killed them

20. What did the Weiden brothers do about Lucas?
Weiden brothers rushed over to Lucas and apologized to Lucas and Mark

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