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The Executioner — episode

1. While Micah was having breakfast, a man by the name of Russell Gannaway came and sit down at Micah’s table. He told Micah there was a poster on me about four years ago. What did he serve time for?

2. When did Gannaway say next that surprised Micah?

3. Micah asked him about the money from the robbery, what did Gannaway say?

4. How much money was on the stage at the time of the robbery?

5. While Gannaway was talking to Lucas, Micah noticed two strangers ride up and tie their horses outside the saloon. Who were they?

6. What was the connection between Gannaway, Sanchez and Brooks?

7. What did Gannaway want from Lucas?

8. Why did Lucas first hesitate when Gannaway aked him for this favor?

9. While Gannaway was digging and clearing roacks for Lucas, who road up after Mark left?

10. What did they want?

11. Why did Gannaway think they didn't have anything someing to them?

12. What was Sanchez and Brooks going to do if he didn't turn over their share?

13. Gannaway told the he didn't have the money, he gave it to someone to keep for him, who was that someone?

14. Where and when did Gannaway agree to meet Sanchez and Brooks?

15. While having supper at the hotel, Micah mentioned that he went over his old records. That money was never found. And there were men involved in it who were never found either. Except for Gannaway. What was Micah getting at?

16. Lucas was angry, he grabbed Ganaway and asked him: Did you do anything to put Mark in danger?”

17. Lucas was angry when he found out Gannaway was using him, what did Lucas do next?

18. What did Gannaway tell Sanchez and Brooks?

19. Who shot who?

20. What did Lucas and Mark do the next day?

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