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Waste part 1 — episode 143
piddlin stuff..... Waste

1.  Lucas, Mark and Micah were riding home. Where did they think they might be?
Old Mexico, not New Mexico Territory

2.  What did Lucas ask Micah to do?
Ride over the ridge and see if he could see any landmarks

3.  What happened then?
Micah did not come back

4.  What did Lucas find when he was looking for Micah?
His hat with blood on it

5.  Lucas and Mark rode along. Where did they come upon?
A ghost town

6.  What did they see in the town?
It was deserted except for a woman standing in a doorway

7.  What was her condition?
She was pregnant

8.  What did Lucas and Mark do?
Rode over to her, got off their horses and tried to communicate in Spanish with her

9.  What happened next?
Some men approached them

10. What did they tell Mark to do?
Drop Lucas rifle in the dirt

11. What did the men want?
Lucas horse, boots and rifle

12. Lucas asked about Micah. What did they tell him?
That he was in the house

13. But where did they go to find Micah?
In a hill behind the buildings

14. How was Micah being kept prisoner?
They had buried him up to his neck

15. What were they making Lucas do?
Dig another hole, for Lucas I imagine

16. Why did some of the bandits go back to town?
The lady called out for them, her baby was coming

17. How did Lucas know the remaining bandit could not understand him?
He talked English to Mark and the bandit did not undertand

18. What was Lucas plotting to do?
Overpower the man

19.Who wrote Waste part one and two?
Actor Robert Culp

20. What Rifleman episodes was Robert Culp in?
Robert Culp appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman. The Hero as Colly Vane. He played the town hero until the town folks found out the outlaw was shot in the back and The Man from Salinas as Dave Foley, the bounty hunter who claimed to be Rudy Gray's brother so he could get the $2,000 bounty on Gray.

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