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Waste part 1 — episode 143

1.  Lucas, Mark and Micah were riding home. Where did they think they might be?

2.  What did Lucas ask Micah to do?

3.  What happened then?

4.  What did Lucas find when he was looking for Micah?

5.  Lucas and Mark rode along. Where did they come upon?

6.  What did they see in the town?

7.  What was her condition?

8.  What did Lucas and Mark do?

9.  What happened next?

10. What did they tell Mark to do?

11. What did the men want?

12. Lucas asked about Micah. What did they tell him?

13. But where did they go to find Micah?

14. How was Micah being kept prisoner?

15. What were they making Lucas do?

16. Why did some of the bandits go back to town?

17. How did Lucas know the remaining bandit could not understand him?

18. What was Lucas plotting to do?

19.Who wrote Waste part one and two?

20. What Rifleman episodes was Robert in?

Waste part 1 — answers

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