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Waste part 2 — episode
piddlin stuff..... Waste

1.  What happens after Lucas overpowers the bandit and gets Micah?
Lucas and Mark take Micah back to the town

2.  Where do they hold out?
They held up in the abandoned saloon

3.  What was Micahs condition?
He was badly hurt

4.  What did Lucas ask Mark to do?
Leave town and get help

5.  Did Mark comply with this?

6.  What did Lucas say to Mark?
“You never talked to me like that before”

7.  What was Lucas plan to get away?
He developed a ‘smoke and mirrors’ situation with the lantern and a mirror

8.  Was Micah strong enough to help Lucas?
No, he was too weak to hold a rifle

9. Mark was trying to comfort Micah. What were they talking about?
Mark was talking about his Mother. Mark said he was 3 when she died. All other episodes the reference to the age is 6

10. Do the bandits fall for Lucas ‘smoke and mirrors’?

11.What does Lucas do after he shoots the bandits?
Goes to help the woman in labor

12. Who delivers the baby?

13. Does the woman stay in town after giving birth?
No, she leaves in a wagon

14. Did she appreciate Lucas delivering the baby?

15. How does she show Lucas any appreciation?
She slaps him

16. Who plays the part of the woman?
Enid Jaynes

17. Who was Enid married to in real life?
Producer Jules Levy

18. Who played the part of Alphonso? What other episodes did he appear  in?
Vito Scotti appeared in four episodes ― Waste 1 & 2 as Alphonso, he was the leader of the bandits ― The Sixteenth Cousin as Soto the honorable servant of Hikaru Yamanaka.....Imperial Lord.....fifth warrior of the Samurai.....sixteenth cousin in the family of his Imperial Highness..... Emperor Japan) ― Which Way'd They Go? as Marcello Chabini the owner of the bank in Paradise

19. Who wrote Waste Part one and Two?
Actor Robert Culp

20. What was Robert Culp also famous for?
TV series Trackdown, 2 episodes of The Rifleman, Everybody Loves Raymond, Man from U.N.C.L.E., Outer Limits and a host of TV roles and movies. He was a writer and director.

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