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Waste part 2 — episode 144

1.  What happens after Lucas overpowers the bandit and gets Micah?

2.  Where do they hold out?

3.  What was Micahs condition?

4.  What did Lucas ask Mark to do?

5.  Did Mark comply with this?

6.  What did Lucas say to Mark?

7.  What was Lucas plan to get away?

8.  Was Micah strong enough to help Lucas?

9. Mark was trying to comfort Micah. What were they talking about?

10. Do the bandits fall for Lucas ‘smoke and mirrors’?

11.What does Lucas do after he shoots the bandits?

12. Who delivers the baby?

13. Does the woman stay in town after giving birth?

14. Did she appreciate Lucas delivering the baby?

15. How does she show Lucas any appreciation?

16. Who plays the part of the woman?

17. Who was Enid married to in real life?

18. Who played the part of Alphonso? What other episodes did he appear  in?

19. Who wrote Waste Part one and Two?

20. What was Robert Culp also famous for?

Waste part 2 — answers

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