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Lou Mallory — episode 145

1.  What was Lucas first encounter with Lou?

2.  What was her point?

3.  What was Lou buying around town?

4.  What Jackman land did she want?

5.  What was Lucas second encounter with Lou?

6.  How would you describe Lou?

7.  When Lucas was talking to Lou about buying the General Store, how much did they agree on?

8.  What did Mark tell Lucas when he rode into town?

9.  What conclusion did Lucas come up to?

10. For what purpose?

11. What did Lou own in Denver that helped her learn about railroad land?

12. How did she get information?

13. Did she admit she was buying land for the railroad?

14. When the Jackmans got mad, what did Micah do about the land deal?

15. What is Lou always making a reference to?

16. What did Lou tell Lucas about her rough times?

17. What happened that night?

18. What were they going to do with her?

19. When Lucas rescued her did she apologize?

20. Who plays Lou Mallory?

Lou Mallory — answers

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