The  Rifleman
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Death Never Rides Alone — episode

1.  Lucas and Micah were playing checkers. What were they discussing?
The railroad coming to town

2.  Who was for and against it?
Nils was against it, Sweeny was for it

3.  In the saloon a stranger asked for Lucas. Who was he?
Johnny Drako

4.  Does Lucas know Johnny?

5.  How long has it been since Lucas has seen Johnny?
15 years

6.  Lucas went to the hotel to see Johnny. How did Johnny know Lucas was at his door?
The steps creaked and Jonny heard that

7. What did the two of them recall?
They knew each other 15 years earlier in Missouri after the War

8.  What did Johnny want to do?
Settle down in North Fork

9.  Did Lucas want him there?
Not really unless Johnny was sincere about no trouble or gunfighting

10. What did Johnny do for Lucas during the war?
Saved his life, crawled a half mile dragging Lucas

11. What was Sweeny telling his customers?
That he saw Drako in El Paso gun a man down

12. What did Lucas and Mark go to town the next day for?
To buy Mark some new clothes

13. What did Mark want to do?
Go see the legendary Johnny Drako

14. What did Mark do?
Went to the saloon window and looked through it at Johnny

15. What did Johnny do?
Asked Mark to come inside

16. What did Johnny ask Mark?
If he had been to the Zoo because he was staring at Johnny

17. Three men rode into town, what did they want?
To take over the town

18. How were the men going to do it?
To take on Lucas and the town

19. When Johnny stepped in the street, did Lucas know which side he was on?
Not at first but he stood with Lucas

20. Who played Johnny Drako? What other episodes did he appear in?
Lee Van Cleef has appeared in four episodes ― The Deadly Wait as Dan Maury, he's the bad dude who crippled Micah's arm ― The Prodigal as Stinger, he was one of the cowboys after Bill St. John ― The Clarence Bibs Story as Wicks, he was one of the cowboys edging Clarence on to kill Tanner ― Death Never Rides Alone as Johnny Drako, he was the cowboy who stood with Lucas and Micah against Billy Graves and his gang

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