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I Take this Woman — episode 148

1.  Who slowed up in town to help with the wagon?

2.  How did Dennis help?

3.  When Micah met him, where did he ask if he was from?

4.  What country was Dennis from?

5.  What was Dennis business in North Fork?

6.  Why did Dennis think Lou should marry him now?

7.  What were the circumstances of the agreement?

8.  Who helped Lou’s Father with their farm?

9.  What was the agreement between Lou’s Father and Dennis?

10. What else did Dennis want?

11. What is this called in Ireland?

12. How long has it been since Dennis has seen Lou?

13. Does Lou want to marry Dennis now?

14. At dinner that evening what did Lucas and Mark talk about?

15. What did Mark ask?

16. What was Lucas response to Marks question?

17. What was Lou getting mad at Dennis about?

18. When Lucas went to see Lou what happened?

19. Who plays Lou?

20. Who plays Dennis? What other episode did he appear in?

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