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The Assailants — episode 149

1. Who rode into town to the Mallory house?

2. What was unusual about them?

3. Where did they go?

4. What did they say when Lou offered to keep the wooden box in storage for them?

5. What was in the box?

6. What was Lucas doing at this time?

7. What were they discussing in the meeting?

8. Who was coming to North Fork to ply for their votes?

9. What did Mark talk about when he rode into town?

10. What did Mark want with the money he saved?

11. What did Micah give Mark before he rode off?

12. What did the telegraph office bring Micah?

13. Who was the message from?

14. What was the message about?

15. What did Micah and Lucas decide to do?

16. What happened when Micah went to the telegraph office?

17. Mark saw Micah at the telegraph office and stopped to see him? What did Micah do?

18. What was Micah trying to do by slapping Mark?

19. When Senator Borden was coming into town with Lucas escort, how did Mark warn them of trouble?

20. Who played Lt. Price the soldier in charge? Can you name some of the other episodes John appeared in?

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