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The Pet
— episode 15

      1.  What is the name of the cowboy who was shot in the opening scene and by whom??

2.  What is Mark carrying from Hattie’s store?

3.  Why does Lucas say he is taking the cowboy to Doc’s?

4.  Lucas tell the Doc that Flecker is try to talk, what does Doc say the man is trying to say?

5.  What does the man ask Lucas to do?

6.  What were his last words?

7.  What does Doc say when Lucas tells him he's not as mean as he act?

8.  What are Lucas and Mark doing on the ranch?

9.  What did Mark forget to do?

10. What kind of horse is Joe Flecker' horse?

11. What does Lucas do with Haskins’ gun?

12.  What did Jimmy Peterson have to give away?

13.  What does Doc call Lucas?

14.  Where did Lucas find the paper Haskins was looking for?

15. What made Doc decide to start drinking so early in the day?

16. What kind of epidemic could be starting?

17. Who created the serum to cure it?

18. Who does Mark find in the house and where does Mark go to hide?

19. Mark enters the house after Lucas & Haskins go out to the barn, what does Mark bring from the house to the barn?

20. What is the name of the one episode Edgar Buchanan was in, not as Do

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