The  Rifleman
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Mark's Rifle — episode 86

1. When Lucas and Mark rode into town, what was going on?
There was a drummer in town talking about the circus

2. Who was the drummer?
Marty Blair

3. What was Mark intrigued by?
The rifle Marty was showing around

4. What is the description of the rifle?
A 1795 flintlock supposedly used by Daniel Boone

5. When Marty asked Mark about the rifle what did Mark say?
“I’ve never fired a rifle before”

6. In what episode does Mark say he has “fired his Pa’s rifle”?
The Sharpshooter

7. What quest does this set Mark on again?
Asking Lucas about getting his own rifle

8. What was Lucas response to that?
He determined it might be time to get a rifle for Mark

9. What did they look at with the Gunsmith?
The Gunsmith showed them a Winchester 44/40

10. What did Lucas ask for instead?
A Winchester Model 73…..a 22 rifle

11. Who walked into the Gunsmith store then?

12. What did Marty say about Mark getting a 22 rifle>
He told Mark it would be a good choice

13. What did Mark do?
Invited Marty to lunch at the ranch before checking with Lucas

14. What happened at lunch?
Marty was giving Mark shooting lessons

15. Lucas was getting suspicious of Marty. What did he ask him?
How long he had been with the circus and where was the circus playing now

16. What was Marty’s response?
He had been with the circus 5 years and it had just left Ohio

17. What did Lucas do then?
He checked on Marty’s story

18. When Marty went back to town what did he ask Lou at the hotel?
If she could change a $50

19. What was Marty up to?
He wanted to see the safe combination

20. Who played Marty? What other episode was he in?
Mark Goddard appeared in two episodes ― The Raid as Walt, one of the cowboys who went to help look for Mark ― Mark's Rifle as Marty Blair the fancy shooter with the circus

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