The  Rifleman
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Mark's Rifle — episode 86

1. When Lucas and Mark rode into town, what was going on?

2. Who was the drummer?

3. What was Mark intrigued by?

4. What is the description of the rifle?

5. When Marty asked Mark about the rifle what did Mark say?

6. In what episode does Mark say he has “fired his Pa’s rifle”?

7. What quest does this set Mark on again?

8. What was Lucas response to that?

9. What did they look at with the Gunsmith?

10. What did Lucas ask for instead?

11. Who walked into the Gunsmith store then?

12. What did Marty say about Mark getting a 22 rifle>

13. What did Mark do?

14. What happened at lunch?

15. Lucas was getting suspicious of Marty. What did he ask him?

16. What was Marty’s response?

17. What did Lucas do then?

18. When Marty went back to town what did he ask Lou at the hotel?

19. What was Marty up to?

20. Who played Marty? What other episode was he in?

Mark's Rifle — answers

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